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Special Thanks

Thank you!

Because so much of my career has been about the great people I've come
to know, I must first and foremost extend my monumental and sincere
appreciation to the many respected and reputable businesses throughout
the Denver area that recommend me. I'm incredibly grateful for their
continued support, loyalty and friendship over the last sixteen years. . .
In a business that depends so much on word of mouth, I say without
hesitation, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, so very,
very much. . .

To my wife, Maria; though she doesn't work with me behind the camera,
she does SO much more on a daily basis, in an effort to support me, my
passion, and my pursuit toward being the best photographer possible.
Through my triumphs and my struggles, she continues to help me in more
ways than I can count. . . I most certainly would not be where I am without
you either. . .

And lastly, I know without question, none of this would be possible if it were
not for the good graces of God. . . Since discovering photography in 1987,
my life has been blessed like I would never have imagined possible. . .
Not only do I have the most wonderful family (met my wife at a wedding).
but to have made a successful career out of doing something I love,
is most certainly a gift that I am extremely thankful for. . .


Everett Stout