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One Chance

How Do I Choose a Wedding Photographer?

With the arrival of digital photography, the challenging economy, and the ability to
advertise on the internet, many amateur photographers have entered the market...
sometimes offering wedding photography at cut rate prices. While cost is an important
aspect of any decision, consider value provided by a professional photographer.

A good professional wedding photographer:
? Has an extensive portfolio you can view before making a decision.
? Communicates with you upfront about your expectations.
? Knows where to be during each part of the wedding and reception to capture
each moment.
? Understands how to use the unique locations within each wedding venue to show
off the couple and the wedding party.
? Produces photos are that sharp, colors are accurate, any retouching is undetectable.
? Has backup equipment... and equipment to replace the backup equipment.
? Produces a final album that will still be beautiful on the couple's 50th wedding
? Knows that total cost is important, but value is paramount. An album and photos
that you love, are worth more than a mountain of mediocre snapshots.

The better professional photographer produces high quality work:
? Education: Is professionally trained in photography.
? Organization: Is anti-luck, well-organized and well-prepared, never makes you
operate on his schedule.
? Experience: Has photographed hundreds of weddings, can provide testimonials from
countless satisfied couples and family members.
? Technique: Is technically expert, maintains state of the art equipment from cameras
to computers to software to relationships with album designers.
? Certification: Is certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).
Certification is rigorous: based on a written exam and evaluation by a panel of
judges. There are hundreds of wedding photographers in Colorado, as of January
2010, only 26 are PPA certified.
? Talent: Has been recognized by clients and peers as having a gift (polished by
experience) for posing, lighting, and composition.
? Professionalism: Has good business systems in place, keeps promises to clients.
? Business relationships: Has good relationships with your venue and other wedding
vendors: DJs, caterers, florists, etc.

The best professional photographer for you will result in not only high quality photographs, but highest quality photographic experience.
? Connection: Listens to you before, during and after the wedding, builds rapport.
? Style: Photographs reflect your preferred style, more than theirs.
? Personality: Is friendly, outgoing, and at ease; this not only reduces the stress of
the day, but produces the most natural and becoming expressions.
? Attitude: Sets out to delight you - the client.
? Passion: Loves the whole wedding photography process from getting to know the
clients... to charming Grandma into a beautiful smile... to sharing the exquisite
finished work with the couple.

Long after the ceremony is over, the toasts have been given, and your beautiful
wedding gown is in storage, your wedding photographs will endure. You have
only one chance... Choose Creative Focus Photography, and be thrilled by both
the quality of the final product and by the ease and joy of the Creative Focus