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Background information Everett Stout (owner):

2009 - The Knot Best of Weddings 2009 pick
2008 - The Knot Best of Weddings 2008 pick
2007 - Re-Certified with the Professional Photographers of America
2006 - Photographed my 1,000th wedding
2004 - Recipient of the Master of Photography Degree
2003 - Kodak Gallery award Wedding category (state) (my last print competition)
2003 - Best of show Wedding category (state)
2002 - Re-Certified with the Professional Photographers of America
2001 - 3rd place Wedding category (5 state regional)
1999 - Best of show Wedding category (state)
1999 - 2nd place Illustrative category (5 state regional)
1997 - Certified through the Professional Photographers of America
1994 - Graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art: Associates Degree in Photography
1993 - Registered Creative Focus Photography with the state of Colorado
1987 - Discovered my passion for photography while on vacation in Southern CA


Established April 16, 1993, I'm very proud to have photographed over 1,300
weddings... Enjoying it so much in fact, in 2001, I chose to specialize in weddings
and began turning away all other types of photography. It literally is 100% of what
I do...


While Certification certainly doesn't make one photographer better than another, it does give a couple that much more assurance that you're going to be working with a highly trained professional.

Though no one can guarantee they're going to do a good job photographing your wedding, if the photographer is certified through the Professional Photographers of America Inc. (est. 1887), I believe this to be one more element that will bring you that much closer to a guarantee. Certification is not something easily acquired, otherwise all photographers would have earned it. As of April 2009 there are only 35 certified photographers in the entire state of Colorado. Now in my third term, I am very proud to be one of them.

What does being a PPA member and certification mean? It means you can check references through the PPA, the world's largest and most respected organization for professional image makers. You'll find certified PPA members are tested and judged by top industry standards of professional performance. PPA members are dedicated to a professional Code of Ethics and strict business practices. As a requirement of membership, PPA members pledge to always demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism in their dealings with customers.

A PPA member since 1993, I continue to learn from some of the best photographers in the world, as well as the images they have created. . . That of which has inspired me toward becoming the best photographer possible. . . In fact, since earning my Master of Photography Degree in 2004, I no longer enter print competitions. My goal at this point is not to earn awards, but to further my knowledge by attending educational classes, seminars and workshops in an effort to become better with every wedding, and to deliver the highest level of customer service I possibly can...

Everett Stout