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With so many weddings to my credit – and being married myself – I know how quickly this incredibly memorable day goes by. Specializing in wedding photography since 1993 and having shot over 1500 weddings, one of my goals is to give you the life long gift of being able to relive your amazing day and the love and celebration that came with it, each time you look at your photos, or wedding album. Though I have a relaxed approach, I also have an endless supply of energy (endurance athlete benefit!) and passion for what I do, and a huge desire to not only give you the very best imagery, but to help make the photography a memorable, fun and completely stress free experience. Through a variety of styles, which include capturing that perfect moment between both of you, and creative posing in an unobtrusive yet confident manor, I balance what I believe to be a very fine line, in order to be a great wedding photographer…    

As you look with anticipation to your wedding and you search for a photographer to fit your needs, please give me a call, or send an e-mail. I’d love to learn more about what’s important to you, and how I can give you one less thing to worry about.   

I sincerely appreciate your consideration and wish you the very best as you plan out the perfect day.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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Everett Stout
Owner, Creative Focus Photography
Master Photographer
PPA Certified
est. 1993

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